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Artist’s Statement

I create images that please me. Sometimes, I create whimsical images; other times, I simply aim for beauty – often with flowers or landscapes; still other times, I try to convey an interesting sense of people, places or things. Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy the scenery.

In 2003, I switched from film to digital photography. That inevitably led me to digital darkroom software. (Image processing software is so much more pleasant than wet darkrooms were.) Initially, I created panoramas and composite images – digital collages. Juxtaposing the enormous and the tiny tickles my sense of irony – as in the photosurrealistic “inFernal Galaxy.” I also create images that appear to jump out of the frame at the viewer – as in “Rainy Tulip” where the flower achieves more immediacy by jumping out of the background.

More recently, I have become interested transforming my photographs into digital paintings and abstract works. Using a digitizing pen and tablet and/or software filters, I often create images that appear to have been painted using one or more traditional methods. Sometimes, I create hybrid images – leaving parts of an image with the sharp detail of a photograph and apply painterly effects to other parts of the image.

Of course, some pictures look best as photographs without manipulation as in the “Snowy Berries at the Arlington Library.”

Over the years, my favorite subjects have included landscapes and flowers. I also create wide panoramas of both natural and urban settings. More recently, I’ve been doing candid portraiture – especially while traveling like the "Tanzanian Children."

Purchasing Pictures

All of the pictures on this site, and others that are not posted, are for sale. I limit the number of any picture that I print. Moreover, I make prints as they are ordered stop when the maximum is reached.

All pictures are printed with archival, pigment-based inks on acid-free media on textured or smooth papers or specially treated canvas. The media/ink combinations I use are rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research as fade-resistant for 100 years or more when properly cared for. I don't like the term, but this is considered "giclee" printing – which just means high quality ink jet printing using archival materials.

Prior to 2012, I printed on media that is 13" in the narrowest dimension, but as of early 2012, I have begun printing many things on 17" wide media.

For further information or to purchase any pictures, please contact me by email at: .

All pictures are ©David Kessler and All Rights Reserved.

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